Yamada Den-On

Yamada Den-On offers high quality solutions for test & programming systems, semiconductor test systems and burn-in systems for the semiconductor industry and EMC companies.

For microcontroller EPROM/EEPOM/Flash programming purposes Yamada Den-On’s new Express EX Handler offers very high throughput.
The handling power is from 2 to 4 times higher than usual handlers with a throughput of 1,200 units per hour when programming 8 devices simultaneously with a duration of 20 seconds, or 3,200 units per hour with a programming duration of 5 seconds.

The systems Yamada Den-On offers can cope with various kinds of packages, such as SOP, TSOP, QFP, BGA, LGA and more. Stress from lead-bending while handling IC’s is kept to a minimum. Due to the probe board with its multi-spot contact structure it is possible to work with high stability.