Current Sensors

Current Sensors for Industrial Applications

In the use of Factory Automation equipment current sensors play an extremely important role, namely in power factor control and torque control in operating adjustable-speed motors as well as in overcurrent protection of inverter switching elements.

For power conversion use, Hall Effect Sensors which offer excellent high speed response, play an important role in phase control and overload current protection for commercial frequency wave conversions of engine power generators, UPS, solar power generation and fuel cells.

Current Sensors for Automotive Applications

For automotive, sensors are used for controlling motor drive, direct current conversion control of motor regenerative and detecting charged and discharged current of batteries of electric automobiles and hybrid cars. The current sensors play an important role as core parts of control.

Since current sensors for automotive applications need to guarantee high reliability, Kohshin uses high-reliability parts, and rigorously manages traceability and in process inspections.  Kohshin’s line-up of automotive products includes standard ready-to-use products, but customized products can also be developed based on user specific shapes and specifications.

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