What is OPC?

Software interface specification for device communication

OPC (Object linking & embedding for Process Control) is a standard interface specification for communication between applications in industrial manufacturing systems. OPC includes both server and client type architectures. The OPC Server communicates with field devices such as PLC, while the OPC Client provides various functions based on equipment data acquired from the OPC Server. OPC defines these interface specifications. OPC System development will significantly reduce engineering costs of dependence between production lines and IT systems.

Takebishi DeviceXplorer OPC Server

Communication Software for Controller

DeviceXplorer from Takebishi is the OPC Server software for Windows OS which supplies industrial connectivity with controllers running in manufacturing industry systems, such as PLC, NC and Robot. Controller communication with DeviceXplorer can be done through various networks such as Ethernet and Serial.

The OPC Server software supports dynamic change of display language such as English, Chinese or Japanese. After English engineers set up the equipment, display language can be changed to the language used at the operator site.

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