CONTEC has retained market leadership in the PC-based electronic measurement industry and the factory automation industry for more than 30 years. CONTEC has delivered remote monitoring systems in photovoltaic generation and infrastructure equipment at more than 20.000 sites. CONTEC’s rich developed technologies and proven know-how will solve customers’ challenges with establishment of easy-to-use M2M/IoT systems which provide simple and convenient devices and cloud services.

Conceptual Diagram of M2M/IoT Solution CONPROSYS

 Easy operation smart gateway device

CONTEC’s M2M gateway device doesn’t only send gathered data to the host side, but also controls gathered data operation and field devices. Without any programming knowledge you can easily build your own program with a simple flowchart by dragging and dropping rule icons.

 Multi-Vendor Compatibility

The M2M controller and HMI component are compatible with PIC-UA and Modbus to connect with a host system such as HMI as well as devices connected with sensors and field equipment. They are also compatible with EtherCAT for device communication requiring real-time performance. CONTEC will continue to provide a true multi-vendor environment by meeting global industry and communication standards. In addition, CONTEC’s hardware is fully compliant with global safety standards such as UL, EN, and CE.

 Flexible and Easy-to-use Cloud Service

CONTEC offers a cloud-based platform that helps visualize field circumstances and allows remote monitoring and data management. This also includes an API which connects with external systems, so you can co-ordinate the service with your systems, such as business systems and a big data analysis tools.

In Practice

Case 1:
Remote monitoring of air conditioning system

Easily control a commercial air conditioning via PC and tablet from a remote location using a combination of the CONPROSYS devices and cloud services. When an abnormal issue occurs, the system will automatically send an alert message by e-mail.

Case 2:
Environment management of plant equipment

A combination of the CONPROSYS devices and cloud services gathers information on operation and environment status. This periodic data gathering can be used for environment control and for planning improvement projects.

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