Crea EPS

Large HDMI E-Paper Displays

In this product update we would like to introduce Crea Japan’s large E-paper displays for signage applications.
E-paper displays have a number of unique benefits over traditional LCD displays that make them ideal for certain use cases.
  • In shops, restaurants or museums:
    Crea EPS emits no light so will not disturb the atmosphere or create a distraction. The e-Paper display is easy on the eyes and fits in any environment.
  • Public Transport traffic information:
    Low power consumption, safe, even when used as multiple panel solution. Unlike LCD there is no backlight meaning very low power consumption.
  • Emergency display:
    Images can be displayed even without power. Ideal to display information during emergency situations.

Easy Operation methods

  • Use as Standalone unit:
    Signage application software is already installed. Slideshows stored on SD-card or USB stick can be
    displayed easily. Slide transit time can be adapted.
  • Connect to other devices:
    Crea EPS supports HDMI, LAN and Wifi connections via extender. An existing LCD system network can be used for easy replacement. It is also possible to set up a new multiple distribution network.

Crea EPS Features

  • Large display size: 32″ and 42″
  • Robust coated metal housing
  • Low power: no backlight and passive image display
  • Perfectly visible even in direct sunlight
  • High contrast, 16 level grayscale
  • High resolution, 2560×1440 (32″) or 2160×2880 (42″)
  • Capable of running on solar power only (not included)

About Takebishi:

Takebishi Europe B.V. is located in Amsterdam and is part of Takebishi Corporation Japan with its headquarters in Kyoto. We provide hard- and software solutions for Industrial Automation, IoT/M2M applications and e-paper digital signage solutions. Takebishi Corporation, founded in 1926, is a 750M+ USD listed company with offices in Japan, China, Thailand and Europe.

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