What is OPC?

OPC or Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control is a software interface specification for industrial communication and considered the standard interface specification for communication between applications in manufacturing industry system.

OPC includes both server- and client-based architectures. OPC Server communicates with field devices such as PLC, while OPC Client provides various functions based on equipment data acquired from OPC Server. OPC defines these interface specifications, allowing OPC systems to reduce engineering costs by smoothly integrating production lines and IT systems.

Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server or DxpSERVER is Takebishi’s own OPC Server communication software for PLC controllers. DxpSERVER is compatible with MS Windows and enables industrial connectivity with controllers running in manufacturing industry systems, such as PLCs, NCs and robots.

DxpSERVER can communicate with more than 150 types of different industry branded PLC controllers through various networks such as Ethernet and Serial.

DxpSERVER supports:

  • 30.000 Words/Second Performance
  • Accessible to 150 Kinds of Field Devices
  • Hot Configuration for Uninterrupted Operation
  • Lua Script Support
  • Customizable User Authority Settings
  • Compatible with SCADA / DCS / CAD OPC Client Packages
  • Combine with Takebishi DxpLOGGER Software for Analysis / Reporting
  • 5 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional & Simplified Chinese)


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