SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg
TAKEBISHI IoT/OPC Device Gateway

During SPS IPC Drives, being held in Nuremberg November 28-30, we will be promoting Takebishi’s own OPC DeviceGateway, the latest development from Takebishi Corporation in Japan.

The Device Gateway is an OPC UA server for multiple vendor devices and vertical markets. It is used to gather production information and performs the gateway to IoT services.

Takebishi DeviceGateway enables you to build an IoT system in a very short amount of time.

Key Functions:

Communication with devices

Communicate with industrial equipment, healthcare device, home, office and building. DeviceGateway also has position detection functionalities (specific optional device is needed).

IoT communication

Implemented servers of OPC UA and ECHONET Lite, and clients of MQTT, HTTP(S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis, and HULFT IoT agent.

Supported cloud system

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, ANYSENCE, IBM Bluemix and more.

Takebishi DeviceGateway has been tested with many different cloud services.

Event function

Configure event settings that execute actions when trigger is set.

– Trigger :Cycle, Time, Changed value, Received MQTT, Tag Alarm Change, Beacon detection

– Action :Loop, Jump, Compare, Edit Text, Calculate, Get CSV Element, Get Json Elements, Write Value, Send MQTT, Send HTTP, Send SQL, FTP Upload, Send Kinesis, Write File

User Interface

All settings can be accessed via a web browser.

Product highlights:

  • OPC UA Server for multiple vendor devices
  • PLC, instrument, appliance, sensor support
  • OPC UA, MQTT, HTTP, SQL, FTP and HULFT IoT availability
  • Easy configuration, no coding

Find Takebishi Europe at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition here:

 OPC Foundation booth: Hall 7-572 

For more information, please contact Takebishi Europe by e-mail or call us on +31-20-705-5150. Please also visit our website!